Invest in your child's future

Bringing together investment, education and memories for the gift that keeps on giving.

Easy Investment funds for your children

Investing in the kids we love

Wonderfund makes it easy for friends and family to collectively invest in the kids they love. Funds contributed are invested until the child turns 18, to give them the best start into adulthood.

Simple and Safe Investments

A simple financial product everyone can understand. Wonderfund invests in stable, low risk, low cost index funds. That’s it.

Easy to Set up, Easy to Invest

Set up your child’s Wonderfund account in minutes and start building your child’s financial future today.

Gifts that matter, from everyone

Direct gifts into your child’s fun

Give friends and family an easy, high impact gifting option fro important milestones in your child’s life.

Making memories and sharing stories

Friends and family can share memories and messages alongside their investment so your child can see who has helped them along the way.

The planet will love you

95% of toys are non-recyclable, lets do our part and reduce the amount of single-use gifts while having a greater impact on the children you invest in.

As easy as...

Gift an Investment

Snap a memory

Send and watch them grow

Financial Literacy

The money smart generation

Earn, save, gift, and invest. Wonderfund will equip your child with basic financial literacy skills from day one.

Build confidence in your child’s future

Let’s raise the kids we love, to be financially independent and understand how to use money as a tool to make sure things like the property market or a good education aren’t out of reach.

The Magic of Compound Interest

Initial Investment: $2000

Monthly Top Up: $150

Annual birthday cards: $300

Return: 6.00%*

Years: 18

Fund Total: $73,660

Compared to most bank accounts which return less thn 1% per year.

*This is a model, not a prediction, results may vary based on the market

About Wonderfund

Wonderfund exists to build a better future for the children we love. Too many of us grow up with little to no understanding of how money can work for us or against us. Wonderfund is here to not only equip the next generation with the right tools to manage their finances but also a helping hand in getting started into adulthood.

Wonderfund is an investment platform which changes the way we give gifts to children. High impact, sustainable gifting while teaching financial literacy, celebrating special milestones and minimising consumerism.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Wonderfund goes live, we will be registered with the Australian government / ASIC as a registered investment scheme. To be approved by ASIC requires strict compliance with a number of regulations to ensure investors are fully protected. 

Your investment is never directly held by Wonderfund and is protected at all times by a custodian approved by ASIC. This means that Wonderfund and others can never access your investment and if Wonderfund were to ever shut down, the Custodian would be able to return your investment as it is kept separately from the day to day operations of the fund.


Not at all! We understand your kids love presents. Our main priority is to give parents a way to invest in their children’s future.

Our second priority is to offer a platform where friends and family who may not know what to get, can contribute to a child’s future, and eliminate last minute single-use gifts which don’t make it through the year.